Yann Penhouet

Always fascinated by art, history, old posters and old paper, his technique is centered on the collage, between Pop Art and Street Art. Self-taught poster artist, Yann Penhouet lives and works in Paris. His sources of inspiration are many: Mimmo Rotella, François Dufrene, Jacques Villeglé and Raymond Hains … who lead the way in the 50s with their work on lacerated posters.

In this line, Yann Penhouet selects with particular care ancient posters that he chines then rework, lacerates, tears and enhances the painting or stencil.

In an approach that oscillates constantly between vintage and contemporary, the artist seeks above all to create the illusion of a “nostalgic” face to face for the public who rediscovers an old poster at the corner of an alley. It also has a dialogue between form and substance, the poster is confronted with newspaper and advertising extracts that serve to highlight a universe. All the work of precision and research is done upstream and requires a careful and delicate preparation. Yann Penhouet could adopt this sentence of Jacques Villeglé “The life of an artist must begin with strolling”.

“I’m a lot of chick, I try to find news articles, old papers that are related to my subject and related to the year of the poster that I want to highlight. I also look at the color schemes, typography in the newspapers to give relief to my paintings. I like working on paper, manipulating it, creasing it, cutting it out … I have a real interaction with the material. I find myself more in the energy of a sculptor with this particular relationship with the material. ”

Through the almost exclusive use of a unique material – the lacerated poster – Yann Penhouet has developed a work of astonishing authentic richness.

His favorite subjects? cars, pin-ups, circus, and fifties and sixties cinema.