The paintings and sculptures are intimately linked in their intention …
Brat has always been fascinated by winged characters … With his collection
“Metamorphosis”, the wings are symbolic of the relationship between the world and
our own existence. A way of awakening what is in us, of
transcend our human nature. They symbolize freedom, the search for
sublime, the liberation of that which hinders man and submits him to his vanities. A
a kind of lyrical transformation, allegory “of a soul in perpetual
rebirth “… A certain idea of ​​eternity!
The “BabyBrat” sculptures with 360 ° mirror heads allow for their
to play again on ourselves … On our reflection, our deep being. ! of the
playful games at first glance, but which raise an underlying reflection,
much deeper and more critical than their simple “pop” aesthetics. A game of
reflection and transformation of ourselves, and of the world around us.